What is e-Fabrics?

efabrics gives you the freedom to decide on your company’s next collection in the comfort of your own home. efabrics showcases more than 5000 designs from the best brands like Linen Club and like Rigalia ensuring consistent quality and great choices. Their ultimate aim is to have all the best brands domestic and International on the same platform as the retailers so it can become a one-stop-shop.

What makes e-Fabric unique?

efabrics brings together an impressive amalgamation of world class manufacturers on the same platform giving you an opportunity to select with a click of a button. There are no minimum quantities to adhere to, no more planning trips to visit the various mills. efabrics aim to make the entire experience of shopping and stocking very comfortable and convenient for their customers.

How do e-Fabrics guarantee what I order?

As soon as you register your details at efabrics, you will receive swatch books consisting of the entire selection online. Therefore you will not only able to feel all the fabrics that you see online, but you also have a sample to compare when you receive the ordered lot! efabrics take great pride in their brand and guarantees you a stress free experience.

How often are the designs updated?

Different brands have different time lines they adhere to. efabrics guarantees their customers that as soon they receive new designs, they are updated online and also make sure the customers will have the swatch books delivered to them.

Is there any minimum order to be ordered?

You have the freedom to order how much you need. efabrics do not force you to buy more than what you require. We will treat all orders be it small or big with the same priority.

What are the delivery timeline?

The time of delivery depends on the brand that you have chosen. efabrics take to deliver, 7 days for a brand of Indian origin or 30 days for an overseas brand. efabrics will also help you keep track of the entire delivery stages.